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Gorgeos brunette demonstrates how to do facesitting

He may not get what he wants though as things get pretty rough once he’s on the bed. Lying on his back the sexy brunette lies on his face and pulls her panties, making sure her pussy is mashing his mouth and nose. He licks at her pussy as best he can, but all he’s trying to do is make it to the other side safely. She has different ideas though and she continues to smother him, making sure he properly pleases her before he’ll be let loose.

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Riding orgasm of asian babe during sensual pussy licking session

Authoritative asian babe Milana sits on Damien’s face in this femdom facesitting gallery. First she commands him to lie on the floor, pointing to the ground where she wants him. Once he’s in position she pulls up her pink skirt and lowers her panty covered pussy to his face. His mouth is covered by her warm crotch and his nose sniffs in the faint smell wafting from her vaginal area. To punish him further Milana puts him in a series of head locks with her powerful legs and also gives him a taste of her asshole. She lowers her butt right over his face, smoothering his nose and mouth with her flesh.

Sexy brunette Mary is squatting on her slave’s face

Sexy brunette Mary looks dominant and sexy as she wears a tight dress in this femdom facesitting gallery. The shiny material clings tightly to her body and moves with her body, forming a second skin. With her slave lying on the bed Mary feeds him her pussy and ass, letting him lick at her private parts through the wispy thong she’s wearing. She alternates between feeding him both areas of her crotch, letting him have only a taste before moving on to the next. He’s desperate for more and serves willingly at her crotch, hoping only to be allowed to eat her out.

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Girl pussy crushes his face

This femdom facesitting gallery features facesitting in the extreme as a hot domina smothers the face of her slave and he accepts her movements with glee. In the first femdom facesitting scene he’s lying on the mattress and she lowers her pussy right onto his face. His nose and mouth are completely covered and he can do nothing more than struggle for breath. The second femdom facesitting scene shows his head in a leg lock as she squeezes him further. His hands flail about as he struggles for air but she doesn’t give in. In the final femdom facesitting scene she has flipped her body around and now she’s offering her sweet asshole to his face, lowering herself right over his nose.


Rough pussy licking

Two beautiful babes treat their male slave with total disregard in this hot gallery, treating his face like a trampoline for their pussies. One woman, a sexy brunette, is wearing a tight latex top and short shorts and she looks absolutely amazing. The other is wearing a sheer black top over a tank top and thong. Together they make a stunning dominant pair and they both fill their slaves mouth with their clothing covered pussies. He can barely catch a breath as they take turns smothering him with their fleshy asses. The best image comes when the brunette closes her legs tight around his face.

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